Illegal possession of property in Lucknow

Dear Sir, To give you background, I stay in Mumbai and currently doing job in one of the US based company in Mumbai. During Covid Lockdown, I met with one of the common friend in Lucknow who is local property dealer. He has purchased one penthouse from builder but no registry was done due to financial issue he was facing. He asked me to help and buy that property so that he could get the refund from builder and later once his satiation is good buy back property from me. I made some down payments and took loan, and registered the property in my name. He promised to buy the property from me with some ROI from me. No written arrangement made between him and me. But now he is having the illegal possession of property and I am paying the loan EMI etc and I had paid him some money which he was supposed to repay me after covid situation on mutual understand and Kacha paper arrangement. Now he is not paying the money back and not ready to vacate the penthouse which I want to sell now to third party so that my financial can be improved. I discovered that he is local goon and has licensed revolver, good influence with police top officer and good connect with politicians. I am feeling trapped while trying to help some innocent friend. Need serious advise on this please. I am ready to hire as I can’t travel to Lucknow often due to private job etc.