Ipc section 509 -

Facts of the case. 1. Mr.A employed in a private company was in love with Ms.B of the same company who was against this. 2. Due to the specific nature of work , A had to send some SMS /mail/Calls to Ms.B regarding professional matters and for intimation of completion of certain official work. 3.Being frustrated that Ms.B constantly ignored him, Mr.A wrote her name and phone number on a public wall. 4.Some unknown persons had called her using the number and Ms.B complained to the company HR. 5.Company HR took action and and warned him too. 6.Frightened, Mr.A went to the wall and completely removed her name, number that he had written previously written and apologised to her. To be noted A had never sent any lewd message/mail/call nor had any forceful relationship/ nor has he ever attempted to outrage her modesty or physically harm her. MsB is now contemplating filing Sec 509 complaint and is considering to add afew more IPC sections so as to bolster her case (including - alleging that the SMS etc were inappropriate, but in reality these were only professional and strictly work related) 1.What are the defences available to Mr.A to get bail/anticipatory bail and get a lower sentence ? 2. Since company hr has already punished him, wont MsB's case amount to double punishment for the same crime. 3.If MrA pleads guilty , what is the maximum sentence he will get ? Will he be able to get a job there after ? 4. Is it possible to get anticipatory bail in this case ? 5.A cannot afford appointing a Lawyer ,will it be possible for him to fight by himself ? 6. Can A prove his innocense i.e win the case on merits , by denying writing on the wall since no evidence exists now?