Apartment General body has any right to disconnect water supply

Sir, The apartment Society takes approval of GB to carry out and replace all the plumbing of bath rooms in flats irrespective of leaks/defects. Issues circular to the flat owners to carry out the plumbing replacements in a specified time. if not done the water supply to the flat would be disconnected. 1. My flat has NO defects of plumbing or leaks. 2. I undertake that the immediate repairs will be carried out sooner any defects or leaks observed. 3. I will not permit the inconvenience or difficulty to the flat below my flat or side flat if any defects/ leaks happens in my flat and cause damage to them.It is my responsibility to repair immediately. 4. The Society has NO approved plan for plumbing replacement. 5. I want to avoid UN- necessary work /and money constraints on replacement of plumbing in the bathe rooms. 6, In Hyderabad we have older flats than this No problems of this nature. 7, Already once I carried out repair to stop leaks to the bottom flat, Now there are no leaks. 8. Based on this circular the Society President /Secretary disconnected water supply to my flat bath rooms, But reconnected after i made police complaint on the intervention of police after a week or so. again the society president threatens me of disconnection of water supply if I do not carry out the replacement of plumbing in the bathrooms 9. Iam a senior citizen aged 74 years Ex-Serviceman was in active service in IAF during 1962,1965, and 1972 wars. My wife is also aged if the water supply cut to bathrooms we may be subjected to unbearable pain and pressures. Iam also heart patient suffering with high BP. Please advise What I can do ? What is the legal stand I can take.? Please also quote any supreme court judgement on disconnection of water supply to the flat