Our property documents was with another person who has lost it.

We transferred all our family properties in our home state to our mother's name through a release deed. This set of documents was with our uncle who was helping us withe name change in property tax and other utilities as we were living in another state. One person in our uncle's house had illegally taken the documents and took money from a third party person without any bond or promissory note and by giving the said third party our property documents. When we came back and asked for our documents, we got to know it has been criminally misused and the third person was asking money to return the documents. Even after our uncle had paid, the third person reported saying he has lost the documents. In the police station, our uncle lodged a complaint to retrieve the documents. The person who lost the documents told he will file a missing document complaint and give us the copies of the document with affidavit, police CSR copy and advertisement notices for missing complaints. I am not sure if that is the right thing to do but police were also saying that the person who lost should only file the complaint. Is that correct? Should we (as owners) file a complaint and get our copies or is it okay for the third person to report missing documents (for which he has no ownership or charge) and give it to use? What is the correct steps to follow?