Buying property from a registered GPA holder.

Hello, I'm interested in a property in Hyderabad. It's a gated community. There is an agreement between six land owner and builder. Builder will build duplex villas in the entire land. Villas are divided between builder and landowner. The plot I'm interested in falls in the share of a land owner. But the particular land owner has given GPA to Person A. Person A is not related to land owner. The GPA is registered in same jurisdiction of the property. GPA is done after Oct 2011. The builder deals with all the villas. He says you have to give all cheque in the name of person A. He'll do the sale deed in my name as he's the registered GPA holder. Is it possible that Mr. A will do the sale deed in my name? As after the verdict of the Supreme court of Oct 2011 it's no more possible. Is it possible for me to buy the property legally? Can I buy the property from Person A directly? If it is, then what is the procedure to do so? Who'll be the party in the sale deed process? Your suggestion is valuable to me. Swastik