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Hello Everyone, I am a British Citizen with OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) status. I visited AP in March 2022 to condense my widow mother after we lost two people in the family. My brother's widow and her family have been threatening and attacking my lonely mother since Sept 2021 with the support of local Police to gain her property. All my mother's complaints were ignored by the Police including the Higher authorities. The Police called us on the second day of my arrival at the PS, the CI asked us to transfer a house to my brother's widow, but I refused to discuss the civil matters in the PS. The next day the Police came to my mother's place. threatened her with further consequences, as they warned they filed an FIR on my mother and me that we beat my brother's widow when she came for discussions. Their plan was to get me out of the country, as per the lawyer's advice i left my mother's place immediately and flew back to the UK after 2 days. During the same week, my brother's widow and her family along with more than 20 rowdies attacked the tenants, beat my mother, and occupied the tenants' place. The Police did not respond rather they threatened my mother and tenants. The intruders live along with the tenants and started to threaten them every day, eventually, the tenants had no option but to vacate the place. My brother's widow has no right on the property, it is registered on my daughters name. I instructed the Lawyer to file a Private case against the intruders, but he is more favourable to filing just an eviction case, his fear is the possible failure of the private case as the Police are in their favour. He thinks that it may affect the eviction in case of failure. We instructed a High Court lawyer to quash the FIR. My questions: 1. Will I be able to take any action against the Police for involving Civil matters and supporting the intruders? I made complaints to SP, DGP, and AP CM offices, but no action has been taken so far. 2. As a foreigner, is there any channel to whom i can make a complaint? I tried NRI cell AP, no use. 3. Are there any speedy options to get the intruders out of the house? I heard that eviction may take up to 2 years depending on the circumstances. 4. Can not we take any criminal action against the intruders? Any chances of filing in higher courts? Please suggest your expert opinions. Many thanks, Satish