One of my male faculty and his lady student developed friendly relation and exchanged WhatApp chatting for last one year on all issues --- decent/indecent, appropriate/inappropriate everything. She shares her family picture and one or two DPs on demand. The girl student (adult) never raised any objection to any messages of the faculty, never blocked his cell no and never complained to highest authority of the college and always reciprocated. Always praised him as good professor, good person in open forum in presence of other faculty. Even on New Year and on festive occasions wished him with good health happiness prosperity. Last one year was pandemic time and all exams of the university were held in offline mode. She did not face any problem to pass the exams. Now the university decided to take exam in offline mode and from then on this particular lady started using bad mouthing against the professor. Professor blocked her WhatApp account in his cell. Thereby this lady student placed complaint before highest authority of the university along with screenshots of several exchanges. In her complain she categorically mentioned that as she denied proposals of the concerned faculty so HE blocked her account and therefore she is not getting any help from him in studies. She prayed to replace the faculty from the particular subject. Although in her complaint she never mentioned the word HARASSMENT or SEXUAL HARASSMENT On receipt of the complaint Secretary of my college (Administrative head) referred the matter to “Sexual harassment enquiry committee (ICC)” of the college and presiding officer of the committee called both the professor and the student in a committee meeting hurriedly arranged without giving official notice. Professor was neither called officially to appear before the committee members nor given any charge sheet. Copies of screenshots were distributed, by presiding officer, to committee members through WhatApp (most probably as per instruction of Secretary). As a result all these went viral. Further the Secretary conducted several close door meetings on the issue with many non-committee members and thereby there is now full Breach of Security to sensitive information. The concerned faculty the student both appeared before the committee. But the professor was not allowed to cross examine the lady student. After “ICC” Secretary of the institute from the concerned committee member and is now giving tremendous pressure to all to write the minutes of the meeting in such a way so that the concerned faculty could be defamed with sexual harassment. Although in meeting the concerned student categorically mentioned that she never put any sexual harassment complaint. I, as Academic Head, immediately replace the faculty from assignments of the class where this lady is a student My question is 1) Is there any remedies to the professor? 2) What action could be taken against Secretary facilitating Breach of security of information