Juvenile Case and Career

I am 16 years old. I had a Juvenile Case on me though it is now compromised and I am Aquitted by a Juvenile Justice Board. In the Case Police did not file any FIR (only a General Diary or Station Diary entry acc to JJ Act.2015). My question is whether this case would affect any police or court verification in future (Point to be Noted- the case is not traceble on e courts website as no information comes ). Police told me to not indulge in these activities in future and told me to focus on my career Lawyers also told me to relax and told my father to get my records destroyed from the police station. I did not think about the case but when I saw news about people getting rejected due to their police records I got scared . I searched many internet sources but got no clear cut answers . So i came here to get outside opinion. Please Reply as fast as possible (point to be noted - Police did not engage in any malpractice and followed every procedure corectly according to JJ Act 2015 and JJ Model Rules 2016)