Child Custody and Manipulation

My issue is little bit complicated. I am contemplating to file a writ in my case, the judgement given was in a foreign country. My child was born there and a is a citizen by birth. Due unavoidable circumstances I had to come back to India. In my absence my wife's attorney had created such a story that the judge had given complete custody of my child. We both had joint custody, but i have conversations with her attorney and he mentioned so many things which are false. 1) I have the email's which her attorney had written to me can those be submitted in the case as proof of false accusations 2) My ex-wife keeps vising india without my knowledge and does not bother to call me and let me meet my kid. 3) My repeated emails have been ignored, but i can find her online. Is their a ground for the local court to intervene in this matter, as my rights of meeting my kid has been denied, also i would not ask for joint custody as sometimes my ex-wife need to sign papers for him in that country, or else she has to keep on taking permission from me, that would be troublesome for her. I would only ask the court to keep the custody as a temporary, if in future i go abroad i would re file for my rights. Thank You