Mentally harassment by wife and in laws

Hi All, I got married in February 2015 after some time my in laws start forcing me to take their daughter (my wife) to somewhere just for change of environment. Even, I had also planned for the same too. 1st March 2015 my wife told me that she has a dought that she is suffering from thalassemia and her father is on major stage as they had routine checkup before marriage. So, I’ve consulted with a Dr. and took her for the test. On this her family put allegation on me that I forced her for that and she also told the same thing to them. She is in her parent’s side and doing as her parents advise her. She misbehave with my family don’t work at home; my mother is an old lady around 70 years. She has to do the work at home, when I and my elder brother informed my in-laws then they start misbehaving with me and my elder brother as my father doesn’t leave with us so my mother and my elder brother is everything for me. I took loan for marriage even as I work as a tele caller in a call center. I’ve left my wife on her parent’s home around 2 months as she was not doing well and not talking even with any one also put allegation that we don’t give her food to eat and place to sleep. We’ve informed each and everything to my in-laws but they keep using the bad words for me and my family. My wife also react as an innocent when we went to her father place to talk to her family, they abused my elder too. I’ve all the call recordings we had with them. Now days they have threatened my eldest brother who live separate from us somewhere else that they will put case in court against me and my family that we are torturing their daughter on this their daughter is feeling guilty and texting me that she is aware that she did the mistake but still she is doing the same thing again and again. We have done all the efforts to make her understand the fact. But, nothing has been done as she is doing something and telling something else to her parents and they are also not understating as we’ve informed the entire situation with them. Please advise what should I do as they are doing this, we are a middle class family and my mother is afraid to hear that this the response they are giving when we’ve requested to make their daughter understand.