I want to divorce for

I was married in July this year. On the wedding night my wife told me that she will allow sex only for that day and I should expect it from her after that. The reason she says is she is not interested in sex at all and her immune system being weak etc. Also, orders me that she will not go out with me for any outing and I should also not ask to accompany her if she wants to go out for anything whether it is for shopping/drop & pickup from work or college etc.This had been disgusting for me to hear as she does not want to involve in her matrimonial duties. I thought to give her sometime to let her mind change by the time but even after 2.5 months she did not change anyway and says she will remain the same for her life, so better I should adjust all these. I don't want to continue this painful life as it affects me and my family mentally. I tried to convey this matter to her parents and even they are supportive of their daughter and they say I should only respond her how she wants. Thus, I feel no way this behavior of her can change, so I want a divorce. She had left my home 15 days ago on the base of me arguing with her to these issues, but after a couple of days from she left me, I got a call from some lady (unknown to me) and saying that my has been keeping an affair with a guy next to her home since many years. The lady reveals the guy's complete details to me like his address, name, his mobile numbers and all, then says please take her back with you otherwise she will be spoiling her life and yours and tells that the society she is living all know this matter. I am confused with this turn and not able to understand whether that lady is correct or trying to divert me for something. I have no proof of her affair but I seriously think it may be there because of her keeping texting on phone round the clock and sometime hiding the mobile when i suddenly enter the room. But I have no proof of his instead of banking on police to interfere and investigate the matter by requesting call details/sms between them. Can I make a police complain in mahila sation saying all these matters about her behavior of withdrawing to involve on matrimonial duties and the phone call I recently have got, so they may investigate further to find out the reason? On what ground I can file divorce on? mental cruelty or adultery? Pls advice