Court will favour child to husband or wife

Dear Barrister, I am 38 years old Bangalorin and wife is 33 old from Hyderabad and we are married since April 2008 (7 years 5 months) after one year of healthy married life my wife went to her native for 1st delivery and was blessed with boy baby who is 6.4 years as of today. After my wife went for first delivery she never turned to me. So in the year 2011, I filed for RCR in Bangalore family court. The judgement was in my favour so my wife stared living with me. But after one year again she went back to her native and till date doesn't want to come back. So after waiting for 2 years I again filed RCR in my wife's native Hyd. For her convenience. Now she is asking for divorce on demand if court gives child to her permanently. So Judge madam has asked my wife to file a counter. My wife is a private teacher earning 6 thousand per month and I am a Computer teche earning 25 to 30 thousand per month. In this regards if Judge madam agrees for my wife's divorce proposal will she give our child to my wife or to me, or she would give our child to my wife and give only visitation rights to me. If this is the case than how long should I wait for my child"s custody, or i have to pay any mentainence for my wife or my child. Kindly please HELP me in this regards. I will be desperately waiting for your answers. Regards, Sanju Sam