Need help for 366a ipc

My brother and me married 2 girls, both are sisters. Their parents have lodged a case against me and my whole family (5 members) of 366A IPC in 2002. Now the case is in trial. Both the parties have compromised in 2010. Girls and their parents told in court that they have lodged the case in confusion. But our lawyer and Judge of the court is asking for bribe, we have refused to give the bribe. So the Judge have given the order of exhibition of Signature of the Judge who has noted down the 164 Statement. But the Judge who has noted down the 164 Statement is not coming from last six months to exhibit the statement. From last two dates due to some unavoidable reasons I could not attend my court date and told my Lawyer to date the date. However the lawyer had also not attended the date and did not informed the court. Last date the Judge has come to exhibit the Signature of 164 statement. Since no one from our side was there for cross questioning. So my lawyer is telling that our Bail was rejected due to some reasons. Please let me know some questions. 1. Our bail can be rejected or not? (We got the bail from High court) 2. We can appeal in High court against lower court or not in this time? Because case is in Trail still now.