Forcing Divorce

Me and my wife had been to a a vacation on Aug 01 and we had quarrel during the vacation for some minor issue. Later we compromised and were happy. My wife left home on Aug 08 with my 2 year old kid happily to meet her parents as she had not been to her moms place past couple month. After she went there she shared the recent quarrel and also small problems of our 6.5 years of marriage and now my in-laws and my wife are forcing me to file divorce and alimony and threatening me to file 498a and DV case and spoil my career if I don’t proceed with divorce. They visited my house(Her sisters, uncle and aunts) in pretext of settling the matter and later claims me that they have recorded my conversations where I have apologized for any problems happened in the past between husband and wife(no serious fights or matters in the past). I love my wife and son a lot, but her family has provoked my wife and changed her mind and prepared her for separation stressing whatever happened in the past is DV with her. They claim that they have given a complaint against me in police station on Aug 10th but have asked police not to file it(Can this happen?) They also claim that they have made the CD of all the conversation of my talks with their family and telling that they have give the cover to commissioner along with CD but have asked to hold it in commissioner office(Does these things like receiving letter and holding it for sometime without opening it are entertained by commissioner office?) Till now I have not received any legal notice from police. They barred me to meet or talk to my wife and baby and taken her hide her for 4 weeks in some relative house. Recently they told they will give one chance to meet her and if she decides no then you should proceed with divorce. I met my wife recently and she is in no mood to settle the matter and come back to my house. We are a very decent and god fearing religious Muslim family. I have no intentions to divorce her as I want to bring back my cute family and lead the normal life again. Another thing is we are living separately in 2nd floor and parents and my brother living in ground floor for past 3 years. Does these things create a ground for her to file 498a/DV? Can the conversation recording where I have asked sorry can be a evidence for them against 498a/DV? If they file DV case what impact it will have on my Job and my future Visas or my travels? What according to shariat law she can claim alimony and maintenance? Can she claim share in my property?