How to stop my husbands family tortures

Hi,afer my husbands father died my mother in law has remarried and I didn\'t know it during my marriage.she was very focused on dowry and using illegal words on our family and I lost my social status as they are supposed to hide tat the present person is not my husbands father.but after marriage my husband told everything after I found few materials which mismatch his details about his father.she strictly not allowing my family to come to my home and she avoided my arrival to her home too tat I might find tat they aren\'t real family members.they have insulted my family to the end of the extreme.even after my child\'s birth she didn\'t wish to see her and do their responsibilities.they didn\'t contact us in any form for 2 years.when we asked about tat why did they cheated us they used to speak very rubbishy.they are always using vulgar words to stop our queries.we sent a legal notice but immediately they started to threaten and to use obscene words more and more.they are asking us not to come back to them at any cause.without doing any mistake my identity my brought up my child\'s birth my parents respect everything ruined easily by them.eventhough they did mistake as they are financially and politically strong they are hurting and spoiling our future very worse.i don\'t have even a single person from my husbands side.dont i have any other way to why we were cheated why should we heard vulgar words even i born in a respectable family.i have lost my social status as their daughter in law and also my husband is asked not to go to his home as he told everything to me.he shouldn\'t come unless he divorce me.they are doing unfavourable things continuously.wat should I do to get justice. They are calling very often through mobile to use obscene words and to threaten even we sent legal notice once.because of them I was supposed to get my government related identities certificates there no end for their fraudulence and mental torture.we can't live peaceful life.because of them am under rare nervous me to get rid of these harassment.