Are daughters and sons equal owners of family property

I would like to know the division of family property amongst children. We are four children - 3 daughters and one son. Two daughters and one son are married while one daughter is unmarried. We have a family house in Bangalore that was built by my parents and the house is in the name of my mother who passed away in 1993. My mother did not leave behind a will before her death. My unmarried sister is currently living in the family house. I would like to know if all the four children have equal share of the family house and other miscellaneous items like my mother's jewellery (which is modest in terms of value, but of sentimental value to all four children). My unmarried sister who lives in the family house says that she needs to get a major share of the property as she is living there and also since she is unmarried. Is this the right as per law? My unmarried sister who lives in the family house also owns another property in Bangalore that she has purchased out of her savings but she insists on preferential treatment in terms of share of the ownership of the family house on the grounds of being unmarried and also on the grounds of having lived in the family house on the death of our mother (Our father passed away many years before our mother passed away and also before the house was constructed by our mother. So my mother is the only owner of the house as per the registration documents)