How to quash the false charges under Crpc 498A & 125

I get married in year 2012, at the time of marriage my in - law produce a false evidence of age proof. Hence my wife has not completed age of 18 at the time of marriage. afterwards, I realised the truth when I applied for her admission in university, I have a 1.5 yrs old baby and My wife left my house and filed false charges against me, my mother and my sister. I have her personal diary ( in which she clearly mentioned that she is very comfortable with me and my family), photographs ( every moment we spent together, family trip, selfies) , restaurant bills, voucher for purchase a new mobile for her and transaction copies of pocket money that I use to transfer to her every month before she filed an FIR against me. A year before she lodged a complaint against me under her father's influence and than she had withdraw her complaint without my consent. Now, she left the house and lodged FIR once again. At present, Me and my family got a bail. and she is trying to abused us and damaged us further. Now, My question is: 1. How do I quash the false 498A allegations? 2. Is it compulsive to pay her for maintenance?, although she left home by her own decision. 3. How do I appeal to free my sister out of this ??