What RCR...is it to Restore with in-laws or husband

My husband has forshaken me since last one year after delivery of a male baby at my paternal house. After ceasorean operation I am staying here for necessary treatment which has not been provide at my in-laws house. Since then no news of me and my baby has been taken by him, nor a single paisa has been arranged for us. I am a ceasorean patient & my baby also is feeble & infirm, so it was some difficulty to make contact with severally and he never tried to contact with me. Being provoked by his parents & brothers he has filed a case of RCR under Sec.9 against me at Jamtara Court which is about 60 KM distance from my paternal house one way. Thus I am compelled to attend there travelling 120 KM along with my minor baby, causing very harmful towards health of me and my minor baby. That I belong from very poor family, and my father having his own family to maintain in such hard days, as he is only earning member of the family. and also I have no source of income my own. I am always ready to go and live together with my husband, but under pressure of his parents, he neglects me & my baby and planning to re-marry again for more dowry and more ornaments as well as Tata Sumo and furnitures as his parents are provoking him. Hence the problem is that in every document and affidavit submitted in RCR he has mentioned that he wants me to take to his service place where he stays most of his days but verbally in front of court he want me to dump at matrimonial house where he actually live for only two days. Now, if I reach my matrimonial house, 1).How my and my husbands RCR is being restored by living separately in two different places? As None of us with get time and stay with each other, 2).Do RCR means forcefully staying with mother-in-laws and father-in-laws without my consent and without my husband.? Please Help me