Mutation process for a partioned property

Hi, I reside in Kolkata under Kolkata municipal corporation. This is in regards to the mutation process. The house is in the name of my grandmother and has been partioned in the name of 7 legal heirs by virtue of portion deed. My father is one of the share holder. Now the tax bill is in the name of my grandmom, who had died long ago. I now wanted to do mutation of the portion we live in and wanted to get a different assessee number.But the other share holders are not willing to do so. Now, my questions are as follows: Can I apply for the mutation alone for my portion? If yes, then how? Do I need to take permission from other shareholders before applying for mutation? The property annual value is an old one.... So whatever dues arises after doing current valuation do I need to clear the dues for the entire property or can clear mine and can proceed with the mutation? Can the other shareholders object to the mutation. Process for my father's portion? Looking forward for your guidance.