Wife re-married at temple before 2 years of seperation

Dear Sir/Madam, We got married (arranged Hindu act with registration) on 19-Feb-2013. But there was no mental match between us. She was a housewife. She used to cause nusense on anything and everything. I tried my level best but failed. What we though that she had someone else in her life, but her parents was against him. So forcefully married with me. I tried my level best to love her and to accept us. But she refused. There was no 'love' for a single day. She used to stay at her parent's house every week in a mother. Actually also to meet her boyfriends. After 1.5yr of marriage, she permanently left our matrimonial house, to her parents house. This time, I decided not to continue the relationship anymore. And I decided that I will wait 2 years and file Divorce. I can not accept her anymore because she used to make my life hell, so much that I do not wish to return home after office. In these time, we had no communication between us. Her relatives tried to contact me but, I used to tell them, if she can accept me and my family only then she can return. She never returned. After 680 days of separation (1.8 years) I came to know that she had re-married her college boyfriend WITHOUT giving me divorce nor notice nor information. I personally do not want her to return, I want to get out of this hell and start a new life. Everyone deserves a 2nd-chance. Please suggest me what should be my course of action. Please do suggest, my life, my future depends upon this. Thank you.