Builder Fraud

I booked a bunglow in Vadodara (Gujarat) in Feb 2014 with INR 28 Lac booking advance. Builder created issue with landloard and He stopped scheme in August 2014 (Issue is under civil case between builder and landlord). As it was only scheme by that builder in 2014, I lost trust on him and started asking my money back. First 3-4 months, Builder said I will give you Banakhat (on weekly followups). After that from Feb 2015, He is saying that I will give you refund. Its been 7 months, whereby He daily gives us NEW LOLIPOP (False claim) that come today, come tomorrow, come on monday, cheque is being prepared and so on to 100s of false commitments. Lastly before a 1.5 months, He gave two cheques of INR 5Lac each, which get bounced 2 times due to insufficient balance. Then He stopped payments on that both cheques. We always deposited cheques after his approval. Now he says I dont have money, so will refund you in november 2015. He seems to be a big fraud person. My questions 1. To what extent, Now to believe on him? 2. What are legal options to claim my refund? Which one is strong and fastest? Out of 28 lac, I have paid 14 lac through cheque and remaining 14 lac in his personal bank account in cash. He gave receipts for all 28 lac. 3. How to claim cash 14 lac? which part to be taken first, cash one or that paid through cheque?