Can a UAE BANK recover CC dues after 11 years

Dear Sir, I had left UAE in 2004 after i lost my Job. I had a small due of 2000 AED on my CC of ABN AMRO BANK. But due to unforseen circumstances i had to leave UAE and get back to India. After 1 Year in 2005 I got a call from UAE collection agent that i had to clear my dues or else they will file a police complaint and i wont be able to come to UAE, I explained him that i had given all the required papers to the bank and i was covered with Oman Insurance for the same. But they kept troubling me for quite some time. I asked one of my friend who was working with ABN AMRO Bank, why after 1 year these people are calling me for payment, and his answer was that urs was a small amount and they failed to submit the request to Oman Insurance in 6 months time, Now Oman Insurance is not accepting the same and they are calling you. One of my friend guided me that next time if some collection agency calls up, take their name and number and launch a police complain against them, which i did and for next 10 years i didnt got any call. Now in 2015 Mr. Shami Saha from Azzite is calling me and asking me that i have to pay my dues of CC of ABN AMRO BANK Which was taken over by RBS Bank and Now RBS is taken Over by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, I asked for the statement, He said you are not a customer you are a defaulter and you cant get statements. He told me i have a due of 54700 AED, which i denied and said i never used any money. On this he told me that, its coz of the interest component the amount has hyped up and he will request the bank to settle it for 4000 AED. And after i pay 4000 AED, i need to wait for 50 working days for getting my certificate of Settlement, which i don't understand. First of all i gave all the required papers to the bank before leaving the country and now after 11 years they are calling me for recovery of money which i dont think i need to pay as it was banks mistake not to submit the file to Oman Insurance. Now after 11 years i dont have any document which can prove that i submitted all required documents to the bank before 11 years. Can these UAE banks recover money from me after 11 years or can they file a case against me in India after 11 years. I would request, please ...please help me with your valuable advise. Thanks and Best Regards