Common entrance to the building not provided by the builder.

The question is related to the property in Pune city from Maharashtra. Builder has sold all covered parking lots under the building.Due to which entrance of the building is blocked from all sides.Now the situation is that the empty handed person too has to struggle to found way through parked cars and bikes. The situation will become grave in the times of emergency such as shifting of serious patients.It will be major hurdle in providing help to the dwellers in emergencies. All these facts are brought to the notice of the builder and requested him to provide a sufficient passage as a entrance of the bulding.But he has refused to do so. Our question is that is there any legal obligation on the builder to keep a common entrance to the building as per the acts governing real properties in Maharashtra? Is there any legal provision regarding this with the help of which we can make the provision of common entrance from the builder. The process of transfer of rights in the property and land from the builder to the society is initiated.