Dual marriage case

Hello, my friend had sex with a girl for 7 years. actually they both called as lovers. they both are neighbors. the girl is 4 years elder than a boy. and the girl had a affair with a guy before get into love with this boy. one day unexpectedly they had sex due to lust and they continued their relationship for 7 years. the girl family accepted their love but the boy family was not accepted. But they was not had happy between their relationship because of the girl's bad activities. she used to chat and speak with other boy without his knowledge, so they don't live each other but they had sexual relationship due to lust. During this years she got aborted for 3 times with her family knowledge. after 7 years they girl was relocated to some other area, and the boy's father is landlord so he stayed in the same place.while she relocating they both doesn't like each other. And the girl refused to marriage and she left out from that place. After that the boy married his friend without his and her family knowledge. so they lived on their parents house itself. they got legally register marriage in a registration office. they start their life without their family knowledge. They been in sexual relationship because they both are legally husband and wife. After 9 months of this marriage, the first girl again came into this boy life and asked him to marry her due to that old relationship between them. but the boy refused because he already got married with another girl. But he didn't revealed about his marriage. Then the first girl gave police complaint on him about this matter and she gave aborting receipt as a evidence against him. Then the police and the first girl's family forced him to marry. They threaten him to marry otherwise he and his mother will get 7 years jail. So he was in the situation to marry the 1st girls. They forced him marry on a saturday night 8 pm in a temple. They take him right away from the police station to the temple without knowledge of his parents. But the was not revealed about his 1st marriage because that girl's family doesn't know about their marriage actually they got registered marriage only but they plan to marry again with the acceptance of both family. so the boy was in the situation that he couldn't reveal about his 1 st marriage. Then the marriage was done but the boy didn't even stay with that first girl after this forced marriage. but his original wife accepted everything and she said "cancel that marriage and come back i will wait for you". so this boy have guts to face problems. suddenly the first girl gave another complaint on him which is he is not coming to start their life. so police put 3 case on him 1. dowry 2. fighting 3. not willing to live. these 3 case was put on him and he was put into jail for 15 days. but he came out in jamin after 3 days. now he singing in police station in every 15 days. Then the court started mediation between them due to this case. Now the situation: The first girl came to know about his first marriage and also she collected their marriage certificate and threatening his to live with her otherwise she is ready to show his first marriage certificate in mediation and planning to send him into jail on behalf of two marriages. The mediation is going on. his advocate is planning to put null and void against this forced marriage. Now the first girl is not willing to live with him. But she want revenge for his life. After this forced marriage the boy doesn't live with her and she is not pregnant and she said she is not willing to live with him during phone conversation. But in the mediation she is telling that she want to live with him for revenge. The original wife of that boy is very calm person and she is from orthodox family. so he cant come out right now with him. she living with her parents. And one more thing the legally married girl and this boy living together in a separate house without his and her family knowledge. they both stay in that home and morning and then the boy will go for night shift and the girl will go to her own parent house. Again morning she will come to that house. This routine life is going on between them. The first girl doesn't know about this living together in a house. But she know then they both are married. so the first girl is now threatening him that she going tell about this whole story to that legally married girl's home. And also she is not ready to leave him. But she is not ready to live with him. She just want revenge. she planning to send him into jail. she planning to show their register marriage certificate in court. She saying "you can live both with me and that girl i wont ask you anything about your activities but you should live with me legally. She forced him to tell in mediation about his acceptance to live with her. Otherwise she planning to do the above activities. So please help to know the condition of this case. If she show their first marriage certificate what will happen to that guy. Does he put into jail? If not what will be the court decide about this forced marriage? Do the court will accept the null and void? But the legally married girl knows everything about this she is fully supporting the guy. she will not return against on that guy for sure. so please give solution on this case. The boy accepting his mistakes but he is not willing to live with both girls. he want to live with first married girl only.