Sale deed coreection

I purchased a plot from a seller and sale deed was registered all the directions and north south east west plot numbers entered correctly in deed..but writer didnt mentioned plot number of mine in a my document showing my plot number as ..0..and all the directions of my plot showing with plot numbers and when i searched in registered documents of plot number it is showing buyer name still..and wen i checked Ec with my document number its showing i purchased land from seller with a plot number ..0..and extent also correctly showing and neighbour plots also showing correctly with correct survey number..and i took proceeding of this deed and i constructed a house also i taking house permission..and wen i searched with my plot number in layout it showing old owner name still..thats what my problem..when i consulted registration office they said rectification deed shld b done to Show my name in plot search in which writer didnt entered plot number..but he entered in plan drawing correctly..and am sure if i ask seller of that land definately he will dmand some it necessary to rectify it