Sincere advise

Sir/mam gd afternoon my name is sirisha im facing lot of mental pressure my marriage held on 28 may 2011 at the time me and my husband was happy after 4 months i concieved but my husband is not happy with the good news later we have decided to take divorce MOU and applyed but later i refused the case prolonged for 4 years later he came and ask me join his family so without thinking i and my son went to stay there 3 months they treated good but my sister-in-law is a widow every time she is involving in our personal matters my husband parents are not supporting me they still treating me as a servant and not taking care of my kid last month without pdoctor prescription my sister in law and she gave a tonic to my son by that at a time he vomited 5 times and became so weak still now not recovered when my mother and brother came to take my son for few days when he vill recover soon they will bring the discussion was going on my husband uncle misbehaved and talking vulgarly by threatning my brother so my brother filed a case an there names now 2 months completed my husband want divorce from me??