Left the job in one week.

Hi, I Was Working For A Company At Client Location For Past 7 Days. But I Dnt Find The Job Helping Much In The Future. I Have Signed The Letter Of Appointment In Which They Have Mentioned The Bond Amount Of Rs 2 Lacs For A Period Of Two Years. But I Havent Signed Anything On Stamp Paper. When I Said To My Hr That I Dnt Want To Continue Any Further The Management People Said That Either You Accept The Termination Letter Or Give The Bond.If I Accept The Termination Letter Then Whether I Am Liable To Give The Bond Amount Or For Any Other Further Legal Action. I Am Fresher. I Am Sharing The Bond Clauses: 1. In The Event Of Not Able To Complete Bond. It Will Result In Termination And Will Not Entitle For Any Benefits 2. In The Event Of Leaving The Services Of Company During Agreement Period You Will Have To Pay Rs 2 Lacs. The Company Desiring To Terminate Theservice Of The Employee At Any Time During The Agreement Without Any Reason ,The Company Shall Entitle To Do So By Giving 30 Days Notice. In Case Of Misconduct Or Misbehaviours Service Will Be Terminated Without Notice After Forfeiting The Bond Amount. Also Accepting The Termination Letter Will Hamper My Future?