498-A-IPC how to bring down a person who is exploiting husband

HI , I need some help to overcome a dilemma stage , a 498-A-IPC case has been filed on the grounds of cruelty in DEC 2014 , it basically started with mental harassment and leaded to physical abuse on wife and kid in fit of anger..on giving complaint in PS the offender kept false allegation on wife character ( as interest in some one else) this entire turmoil is happening because of family politics and third person interest to break this marriage and pull the offender into spirituality, philosphy to poilitical stunt on the name of caste and religion promoting trust and foundation to seek power to protect encroached 100's acres of land.doing trade on the name of god ..the offender is entirely under the influence of third person how to deal with such character whose terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind mask of morality, exploiting people while pretending to help them...how to deal with this situation lawfully ..though the offender came to a compromise at PS within that single night he was brain washed and taken into his plan of action where he has seperated wife kid & husband to use the time case time for his spiritual and political goals while playing time and mind games to corner her and by using kid in between and trying namesake reconcile over msgs right before date of appear in court (should she completely ignore communication) ...will a divorce petition bring this to a solution if the women files for divorce wat are the chances of child custody how should a women deal with the one who is doing all this breaking a family ..