About divorce for NRI

Dear sir, i hope your doing very well, i am 26yrs old woman from India. i did married a NRI in 2013dec. with in 15days we had go to back USA. Before marriage we have 4months gap in that time he always fighted with and talking about unnecessary thing , he behave like a psycho but we have more trust on him may be he will change attitude after marriage. in USA he behave like a psycho . he had a illegal relationships with other woman's there, one day ill ask him and his parents about his behavior and that relation his mother just say you ill back to India and daily he just house arrested me up to he evening time even he did talk anything with me i have face lot of struggle there one day he told me u just go to India and learn some courses there after that ill apply for h1 here.daily he behave and talk how many days i need to act as a good person like that. he just told me if u ask any qusetion dnt stay here other wise uill stay here like a chap pal under foot . and he is mother said uill earn money for ur needs my son dont spend any money for u . when i return back to India they will change there attitude they just told to my parents we dnt want ur daughter we want divorce like that . actually before that they did say to may parents my son send ur daughter for studies to India after that she will be back to US. here there are total cheated me and my family . after that he didnt cal and didn't send any mail or message.my visa also expired and he has the renovation papers idid ask him but he said like that dnt ask anything i didnt have any documents idnt want u. actually up to 10yrs he didn't came to india he only came for marriage now only he dnt have interst to come here and to give any money for my future and his parents also supported to him.plz help me sir my parents are for mars and we are poor family we dnt have any support,