Early release from the employer

Hi, My company has 60 days notice period policy and policy says: In case you intend to resign from the services of the Company at any point of time, you are required to serve 60 days’ Notice Period ('Notice Period') starting from the date of resignation. The Company may, at its sole discretion, permit you an early release by; i. Adjusting the vacation leave accumulated towards a part of the notice period (whether in part or whole) and / or ii. Allowing you to pay up for the notice period in lieu thereof on your annual gross compensation. My problem is iam serving notice period now and I have serve with 24 days Notice period meanwhile I got another job offer where I need to join early as possible I can serve these 24 days of period. But my company is not allowing me to release early and as per terms and conditions stated above I may use buyout option or can adjust vacation leave towards part of notice period (whether in part or whole). Now when I wanted to use buyout option or compensate my leaves balance company is not allowing me to use. Due to this iam not able to concentrate on my current work and feeling like harnesses at work and really scared of losing new job offer. The new employer already supported for granting me 24 days to join. If I abscond iam scared company will not give relieving letter as well. Please suggest me what to do in such situation.? Can I claim my relieving letter after absconding because I already put my papers and written mail to employer that I need early release.