Mediation for property settlement after divorce

We had applied for divorce by mutual consent in 2013, after which I moved to Australia. Kids were to be 100% under my custody. He does not want custody. My husband brought the kids to Australia after 2 months. The divorce petition in India was dismissed since it was not resolved within 18 months. I applied for divorce in Australia, he participated and it was granted. He has now filed a case in Bangalore claiming 50% share in my assets plus that I owe him money on the grounds that I caused trauma. He has sold his share of marital assets, spent it all, closed his business and is in deep debt now. However, he travels abroad very often. My question now is - can I request mediation at Bangalore Mediation Center? I am raising minor kids and it is not possible for me to travel to India. Can the mediation be done over Skype or phone or email? Alternatively, if we go for mediation in Australia, can the outcome of such mediation be valued by Bangalore family court. He is right now in Australia.