About the rights to have the property

Good Morning sir, I am a petitioner who filed a civil case in city civil court, hyderabad against the person who is claiming himself as an adopted son of my parents without any adoption deed. When i was young my mother brought up a boy who was a orphan roaming in the roads. My mother gave him food clothing and shelter. So he used to live in the house with my parents. i am the only daughter of my parents. My father executed a will of the house which was purchased by him with his hard earnings In the will he stated that the said property should belong to my wife and to my daughter after my death. After the death of my parents the boy who was brought up used to collect the rents and used for his bad habits. I asked him to vacate the house as he was neither a legal heir nor an adopted son. He refused to vacate the house and i filed a civil case to obtain justice. He claiming the share in the property as he did the last rites of my parents. so please tell me sir do i get the whole property as i am the only legal heir of my parents. I filed the case in 1992 so far i did not get any justice. thank you sir