Threat of disconnecting water supply & filling FIR.

I am a resident of Greenfield Colony Faridabad which is managed by Urban Improvement Co. Pvt Ltd (Colonizer), and as per the construction law laid down by the DTP (District Town & Planning) Faridabad, on any given plot, the builder can only build 3 houses or 1 house per floor (Single Unit) however looking at the big plot sizes, many builders are flouting this law and constructing total 6 houses on one plot or 2 houses per floor (Double Unit). I recently bought a Ground floor house(on Home Loan) in a double unit in May 2015 which I got registered on 08th May ’15 and post that I duly paid all the additional charges of security and Mutation to the Urban Improvement Co before taking possession. I had got my electricity connection also installed at my home from DHBVN for which the colonizer provided me with an NOC. The issue however is that the colonizer was not providing water connection to these double unit houses and they still are not providing it, so my builder assured me that he will get the connection installed which he did eventually however this connection is illegal. After 3 months, I recently received a notice from the colonizer asking me to disconnect the water connection within 7 days or they will file an FIR against me for stealing water from the company water line. My question is why should I be penalized if the colonizer is not able to keep a check on the illegal constructions happening in the colony and why are banks providing loans for such homes and moreover DHBVN also provided an electricity connection at this house…..if it was an illegal house then why did Urban Improvement asked me to pay the security and the mutation charges?? Is there any legal route I can take to get a stay on my water connection and fight this out legally? Plz suggest….