My wife Register a FIR under 498a, 323, 354b 377, 511, 3, 4

My wife is living with his parents in their home town and she is teacher in Government school. I am also living and working another town in same District with my parents. My family has business. In summer vacation on [deleted] she go with his parents. Afterwards she and his parents were making pressure to live separate from my parents. At present nothing is left to continue in relation. Afterwards her father make a FIR via court under 498a, 323, 354b 377, 511, 3, 4 in near by other district with help of their relatives. For this he make a false event by date [deleted] in near by district while she was with me 26-05-17. They are saying: 1. I was trying to get her parents house that is in my town. 2. I was asking for dowry in different way. 3. on Date 20-05-17 i tried unnatural sex with her and my family was beating her for that and afterward I left her n road in near by district where her relatives are living. All allegation are false. What I have to do to protect me and my family for this fake FIR and can I request to move this case from the district of her choice.