Hello I'm a freelance consultant, will deal with abroad jobs ,having tie up with registered consultancy. Couple of months ago , I have got a candidate , with requirement of visit visa for Singapore and we have applied, it got rejected.... he started blackmailing me emotionally that he has no other option , as he has to move out of India, becoz he has shared to all his relatives that he is leaving to singapore. He requested me n we said there is no option ,once if it is rejected there will be no changes.. By seeing his emotional blackmail I said, u can go to Bangkok ,by on arrival visa and apply there for singapore ,then there will be some chances.. so he went n there it got rejected .. came back to india. Started same thing again and demanded for money wich he paid for visa Rs10,000/-... we told him visa fee will not be rufunded by ICA so we can't refund. He came to office twice n thrice for money and finally he asked for Malaysia visit visa , just to break this here I accepted n got his Malaysia visa , he went there through some consultancy to search for job. There he didn't like any of the opportunities and came back.. Now he is threatening me that he is going to send people to my house ,to take my car and also demanding for 1.5 lac for compromising.. giving me calls as fake police from different numbers . What I have to do.. pls suggest me. Thank you