What should I do

I am a female from kochi (Kerala) . I have been married (Love marriage under special marriage act) to a guy from Ranchi (Jharkand).The marriage was on 30th March 2013. My husband is working with a reputed bank in Kerala ( From date of marriage till today).He didn't tell about the marriage to his family (He have his mother and 2 sisters who are married). But i had already informed my parents and to avoid a social embarrassment they told the marriage is to be declared public through a function and only after that you can live with him. We said ok and the function was held on 27th April 2013 @ kochi. Even due to my repeated telling he didnot inform his relatives. Then after a month (This one month we where staying at my home) that is by the end of June 2013 his relatives came to know about the same and his mother fell ill. Then he returned to this place and came down with his mother to kochi by mid of May 2013. Then he told and convinced me that he and his mother will stay at a different house which is just 5 min walk from mine and I can move in once his mother is convinced.Then he told to wait for 6 months by which he will convince his mother. But it didn't happened instead they (his relatives) started brainwashing. Again he came and convinced me to stay away.During all this stays he used to visit my home everyday and in few a week he used to stay 2-3 days(All this was know to his mother and relatives).But then things started to strain between us as I said he was being brain washed and at my home my parents and relatives started questioning me on all this (Hope you understand the social taboo). Then after 1.6 years of marriage I decided to forcefully enter his house but this created few sceans but at the end I started living there. Then after 2-3 days he told that he will take his mother to his place and then will come back and we will go for cancelling and we will repair the marriage. This again I believed and moved to my home. But then he his mother didnot go or stay and she came back. Then again I was not allowed to get in which even called the police (called by his neibhour) to open the door at 9:30pm. But then i didnot file any case. from then we where living together in to different rooms. After this when I felt he was going to file and individual divorce I suggested to go for mutual in the belief that he will change his mind during the 6 months time. I signed with an verbal agreement to live together happily for this 6 months (3rd August 2015 was the date given from the court ) . 6 months went happily and then I went and rejected the mutual. Mean while my husband shifted the house (with me) near his office (We where staying in rented house). And on 16th August 2015 morning he told he is going to temple with his mother and left home. Without seeing him return when I called at 5pm he told he is going to his place(Jharkand).Then after a week he messaged me to vacate the house and go. There was not much luggage for them so I didn't notice them packing.Then he returned after 2 weeks and stared staying in a gents hostel and he have blocked my number so I cannot call him but used to message him daily. I still fell that the marriage will work if he adjust a bit and I am really ready to adjust. Please let me know what to do. Your suggestion on filing a Restitution of conjucal rights. If filling then which address should I put for him. Awaiting a response. Thanks in advance