Threatening to use 498a

My brother got married 20 years back and since then he is leaving in a nuclear family. My brother work in gulf country and his family stays in India and he visit them for one month in a year. My parents are staying with me. My father is a retired person and own some property which he has build himself and some ancestral property. Now my father want to give me one house from the property which he has built his own and ready to give all ancestral property to my elder brother still my brother and his wife are not happy with this distribution and through his wife threatening me and my old parents to trap us under 498a. In last 15 years my brother has not given a single penny to my father nor he has any relation with my two sisters. I am doing a private job and having 3 daughters to look after and my parents are senior citizen my brother's wife has sent us notice through advocate with all false charges towards my parents and me and clear threat to use 498a against us we are in very tension due to all this kindly show some guidance to us.