School admission fraud

Recently I tried to get my son admitted into KG in a school near my house but they said they have closed down the admissions and there are no seats available. Then a neighbor who is very good friend of my parents, contacted me and told about a lady who materializes the admissions sideways. He said the cost will be 2lac to get the admission done so I arranged the money and handed over to him which he further gave to a lady who apparently works in the same school. After handing over the amount he said I should deal with that lady directly and I have been doing that since then. In starting she said she is trying hard and very soon my son will be joining the school but two months passed by and later she said its not possible to get admission in this school she will be getting the admission done in another school (which shall be a bit uneasy on my pocket). I asked her to get the admission done anywhere as my son is lagging behind in his studies and she said its a done done scene in this school but again over a month has passed and there is no positive sign. Now I have decided to go to school and see where the admission process has reached and if this all is a fraud by that lady, I shall be going for legal proceedings. Kindly suggest how should I proceed further and which sections can she be booked under