Dear All , There is a woman who was married at age of 18 years 6 years ago. Few months after marriage her husband started beating her after getting drunk. He forced all type of harassment upon her. This guy has a long list of notorious activity . This torture went on for 4 long years . Then one day he ran away off from home because he had taken huge money from people on fake promises of getting their wards admitted to Government jobs.There are many FIR registered against him in local police station. He used to call home after getting drunk and abuse her. But she always kept loving him and kept waiting with blind faith that her husband will come home one day. In the meantime her father-in-law started beating and abusi ng her after getting drunk. The time passed on. She kept shifting home because the people ,with whom her husband cheated , could prove to be threat to her children. Now 2 years have passed since he left. Now this woman want to leave that place taking her children along and marry me. On the basis of whole issue ,my queries are : 1) we want to marry me as early as possible . But she belongs to a poor family and her father is no more. She don't want to file divorce because first of all there is no whereabout of her husband And she don't want to get stuck costly and long legal procedures . Please guide . 2) i will be joining a government job and will it create a problem to register her as my wife and them as my children without getting divorce ? 3) From the whole issue it is clear that she will easily get divorce . But how much time it will take if we file a case today ?