My Employer doesn't Pay on time, he changes and shifts the Time

I have been employed at a local company for more than 2 Years. We were asked to do Night outs and even come on Holidays without any regards to our Health and no extra amenities given to us in that situations. We are primarily middle classed people and a whole lot of them work in this company. Everyone is afraid to talk about Salary and all this goes on in shadows. The company tries something new and shifts from the existing Domain to a new one from the last eight months. Because of that many have left as the management has tried its hardest to make employees work their butts off. Recently the management is playing blame game with select employees to not disburse salaries to those particular employees. We never get our PF on time, nor there is any informed record from the HR. The previous employees always visit, sometimes request and others shout on the HR or related person for the PF, but till now no one has got any PF to my knowledge. What can be done to right these wrongs, Please suggest.