Online order with - Poor quality delivered

Dear Sir, I am Narayana Vennavelli and I live in Abu Dhabi. I have ordered a birthday cake for my father's birthday to be delivered yesterday (i.e. 6th September 2015) on After waiting until evening, my father called the phone number listed on the delivery confirmation email (I tried several times to speak to them on the same number but no one picked up the phone). He was told that the order will be delivered the following day (i.e. 7th September 2015). Disappointed, he has asked for the order to be cancelled (since the birthday cake is of no use for the following day). My father was told that the order will be cancelled. But on 7th September, the cake was delivered to my parents even though they were insisting that they had cancelled the cake. But the biggest disappointment was that the cake was supposed to be 1 kg but only 1/2 kg was delivered. I would like to take legal recourse against the website and I am willing to follow through to make sure that no one else would suffer the same experience. Please let me know what are my rights in this case and what steps can I take. Sincerely, Narayana Vennavelli