Inappropriate and reduced suspension allowance paid by employer

I am working as a lecturer in an unaided diploma engineering college in pune.I am under suspension from April-15 pending enquiry.I was given a suspension order in which I was asked to furnish a letter stating that I will neither join any other employment nor will leave headquarter without permission of CEO.I furnished a letter of non employment. I was asked by my Principal to put daily sign on muster and put bio-metric attendance for entry and exit in the college.In addition he arranged a separate room for me to sit for the entire day without any work. However no such condition is mentioned in the suspension order except submission of two conditions of non-employment & not leaving headquarter without permission. The purpose of writing this mail is to seek your guidance about non payment of appropriate Suspension allowance as stipulated in the MEPS Act 1977. The Principal has been deducting my allowance whenever I reach late in the college ( reaching after 9.10 AM is late mark) for 3 such late marks 1 days allowance is deducted.Whenever I leave early without putting exit thumb impression( exit time is 4.00 PM) he deducts my half day allowance.As a result of all this he deducts allowance for average 8-10 days each month.For 1st 120 days I am entitled for allowance at the rate of 50% of last salary drawn and after 120 days it shall be paid at the rate of 75 %. They have not paid my suspension allowance based on 75 % rate as stipulated for 5th month onwards. Principal has also not given me annual increment for the month of July-15 allowance which becomes due every year in the month of July. My questions are: 1) Can they ask me to mark daily attendance during suspension especially when no such condition is mentioned in suspension order or even otherwise during suspension can they force me to mark daily attendance and ask me to sit idle for entire day in a separate room? 2) Can they stop my annual increment? 3) Can they deduct my allowance in the name of late mark/early exit etc. ? 4) This entrapment of me in a separate dingy room,without any help from peon to fetch water and clean table( which is done by me on my own),sitting idle for the entire day without any work, less payment of allowance than prescribed etc has caused tremendous mental agony to me and is causing financial hardship to me as well.I have written several letters to the Management and Principal in this regard but in vain.This has been causing huge mental stress and harassment to me as a result of which I am suffering from high blood pressure and undergoing psychological treatment also. Can I lodge a criminal case for mental harassment against management and Principal :- (i) for asking me to mark my daily attendance; (ii)keeping me confined & idle without any work for the entire day; (iii) not paying me my appropriate subsistence allowance ; (iv)deducting my allowance without any valid reason? (v) Not giving me subsistence allowance based on annual increment due from July 2015. I know I have asked various questions but would be highly obliged if you could answer them. Kindly provide me with appropriate and correct advise.I am in great distress. Thanks. A person in grief.