Plight of aipmt aspirants

Around 5 lacs aspirants wrote AIPMT -2015 exam in order to realize the future of becoming a doctor with great determination, hard work and hardship for 1-2 years to compete in a very less proportion of seats of 3200 or so. Among these students there were many from financially poor background and their parents had to come across difficulties to pay coaching fees, examination fees, etc. but all to make his/her wards life secure. But the grave issue here is the transfer of so called vacant seats to the respective states which is of great concern. It need to be looked upon as it tampers with the future of many meritorious students who are the actual beneficiaries of this seats. If transfer of seats is the final solution they arrived at, then how can they mention AIPMT as an exam to compete for 15% all India seats. The scenario here is that of gifting something and taking it back which is not really fair. The other day court issued an order directing that students of Jammu Kashmir, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh cannot compete for all India quota seats based on the grounds of equality to all students which was a right decision. But do you think the very equality is maintained while transferring the vacant seats to respective states. MCC has to look into this issue and arrive at harmonious solution to prevent blocking of seats and its transfer to respective states and ensure that the status of equality is maintained, the status of AIPMT is kept and the hopes of right beneficiaries of the seats are not shattered. If MCC fails in it, the central government or supreme court should interfere and sought out the issue. -Syed Mohammed Rahil