Domestic violence and marrige on fraud grounds. Dowery demands

I was married in feb 15. Since then i have hardly stayed for 10months with my husband and in laws. Reason - Domestic violence, mental, physical & financial torture. I m a working lady. Post my marrige my husband demanded money for standing his new business which i lent to him in cash as well as cheque. Abt 14 mnths ago my husband brutally beaten me and since then i m at my parents place. We approached our local gurudwara for help but they r unble to sort it out. In fact they have started putting false blames on me and my parents. 1. I need to understand if they put a false case on me and my parents of plotting against them and disturbing my widow mother in law what can v do to protect ourselves ? 2. In case i dont stay with him. Is there any divorce provision due to which this marrige can come to an end? 3. What all cases i can file against them ? 4. In case if i file case against them including my husbands elder uncle and aunty who r supporting them, what all counter cases they may put on me and my family ? How can i protect myself from such false cases ?