Case 498a and 506

Sir, My brother was married to a woman for four years. It was an arranged marriage, nikah was performed with all goodness. No dowry was taken. Her parents had sent some furniture, which was kept on the floor where they lived. She was also allowed to work as a teacher on her own wish. She had some medical implications and didn't conceive. Her treatment was going on. And one day she went to her parents house citing a doctor appointment. After that, she didn't receive calls or even try to contact my brother. We kept trying to contact her through her aunt and try to find out what has happened. But they said "we'll now meet through court". The police as part of investigation, spoke to my brother and my parents. Seeing this, we applied for Anticipatory Bail even before the charge sheet was ready. She has charged my brother and me of physical abuse. I do live in the same city but I am married for the last 13 years. And I work as a teacher in a reputed school. I have always been a working woman. She has charged my mother for mental torture and my other siblings too. One of them is my sister who is a lecturer while the other is an engineering student. She says that we asked her to get dowry and beat her up for that. She was made to work because of her father's inability to pay more dowry. Each statement she claims is a lie. We are from a respectable middle class family in Hyderabad. And she has made a false case against us. Can you please guide us what we need to do to prove our innocence?