Real estate developer cheated after collecting money to investr

CASE History its a real estate plotal project ( Layout) about 30 acres , in karnataka , outskirts of bangalore developer had published with huge advertisement during 2010 & 2011, many investors have booked the the plots , all the plots they have sold within the months , they got all the initial approvals ( BMRDA ) , they have done almost 50 % of infrastructure all of the sudden developer is not available to the investors INVESTORS in this project are 3 different categories out of nearly 300 total investors 1) 25 % of investors plot registered owners ,, all of them have transferred kathas in their name also & bank loans also given to the few plot owners 2) 50% of the investors are agreement holders & they paid at least 5 to 6 lakhs each agreement holders & it is non registred 3) 25% of investors are only receipt holders , each one of them also paid nearly 3 to 4 lakhs few of the paid even more Current Status of the project & investors a. Developer are totally 2 different companies , one is investors on the land & property & other is marketing company registered under ROC / ltd companies & both companies are not in good terms with each other asper known information & till today they are paying salaries to the security agency/ guards from , 3rd party for the project location b. Total property in the name of the developer only & the same is cross checked c. now nearly about 100 investors are in contact each other & we have created one registered investors welfare association , all 3 types of investors are involved here & rest of the investors also in line to join us d. till now we have tried to reach the developer , all the possible way , like by way of e mail , advocate legal notice through the association, police complaint is failed & once public protest also done by all the investors in the freedom park , bangalore , but we have not received any reply from developer & they are no way available to the investors as the both companies belongs to bombay & bangalore office also , no one available & it's closed e. as of now majority of the receipt holders & agreement holders , nearing term of 3 years & few of them are more than 3 year, all the investors once sent letter ( RPAD ) request for to complete the transaction , but all post also return back without delivery even from bombay office , 50 % of the individual investors also filed a police complaint to concerned area f. out of few investors( agreement holders ) who already filed a legal case separately by paying court fee( specific performance case ) from past 20 months , but there also developer not yet received any court summons till date & become X party ( current status ) g. plot registered owners have paid huge amount for club house & other amenities up to 75000=00 ( seventy five thousands ) but nothing has done with regard to this club house now all the investors are in confusion mode which path / route , need to fallow for effective results with economical way & justice 1) few investors say for consumer court for the remedy & justice as it is cost effective , but some legal professionals suggested when few of investors cross checked with their side, that consumer court will not give remedy for getting registration of the property , refund of investment along with the interest is the maximum benefit for the clients 2) few investors prefer to file a PCR initially as cheating case and later same to be convert in to the civil proceeding and by this investors need not to pay any court fee for initial stages , may be after , if require court fee they are ready to pay , during the time of civil proceedings ( i don't know this route is possible by law , but few investors got guidance from their personal legal professional ) 3) few investors feel that as, this is involved cheating public of nearly 300 persons & companies are under in ROC & companies are upscnded, so we can take control the property by the association & appointing the administrator , by legal / court order directly from HIGH court , but , in this matter we are not able to get proper clarification whether it is possible or not so by this situation , we all members decided to get one proper legal written opinion, from any legal expert , who is with good practice of all this kind , matter & we need to know all the positive & negative possibilities in each category of proceedings civil/ ROC matter / criminal proceeding possibilities , also we need to know , any other better option suggested by the legal professional is also welcome , so that we should not waste precious time by choosing wrong movement against the developer with regard to the issue of plot already registered owners , that layout / project not completed yet with all assured facility in the project due to delay in completion , plot owners are not able to utilise the property , so in what way we can fight against the developer , for the immediate relief so herewith i am requesting , please provide the correct guidance for effective results with short possible time consuming , also if needed we are ready to approach court / concerned authority with multiple angle legal proceeding against the developer so now ,we need to know, what are the legal proceedings to be taken by the all kinds of the category investors below mentioned can the regd association alone enough to file a case against the developer on behalf of the all investors or all the individual investors need to approach for any relief ?, please explain with regard to this issue also Registered plot owners in what way or to whom to approach for completion of the project pending works & assured facilities agreement holders & advance paid & only receipt issued holders , how to to get back their property registration by paying balance payment how much of amount can damages can claim all investors as developer harassed all these years what are the best procedure, we need to know details possibilities with a written leagal opinion we need to act immediately as we all nearing to 3 years & few of them crossed more than 3 years for agreement, receipts & plot registration done period thank you murali