Is Canadian Divorce valid in India?

Hi, I got married in India as per hindu laws (i.e took 7 pheras) on 5th Feb 2013 and I have a marriage certificate for the same date. Me and my ex spouse are Canadian Permanent Residents. I took divorce in Canada with Mutual consent of my ex spouse in 2019 and I have the divorce decree from Canada's government. A point to note that we married secretly on 4th Oct 2010 (we have a marriage certificate for this date as well) and as my parents were against my relationship but eventually they agreed and we took vows on 5th feb 2013. Now, my ex-spouse has filled a petition against me under section 13 i(b) asking for Divorce on the grounds of desertion on which he mentioned 4th Oct 2010 as our marriage date and that I have deserted him since Sept 2018. My questions is that do I have to simply show my Canadian Divorce Decree to the court as I am already divorced? My ex-spouse too have the divorce decree but he has not shown it with the petition. We got divorce with mutual consent and now he is asking for divorce on desertion grounds. Is this petition valid? do I have to again give him divorce since he mentioned old date of marriage? Please Advice what should I do? Is Canadian divorce decree valid in Indian Court? Thank You