How a married daughter has right in her father's property

Hi, we are son and daughter for my father and mother.My sister was married to my mothers brother.I was working abroad 10 years back and gave Rs.10 laks to my father from 2001 til 2005.From the time i got married ,there was a problem with my brother in law .Later after 2005 i didnt give any money to my father since he asked me to keep it with me.both my father and mother was HEAD MASTERS and they were receiving pensions,they r good to lead their life and i didnt give them money.on 2003 ,my father and mother received 6 lak each and they said they just put that amount in KVP and i can take it for my house when i am back to india. and then on 2011 they sold our house for 16 lak and said the same take it when u r back here to buy a house.when i am back to india on 2015 i bought a house and my father just gave me 10 lak and told he will sell 2 plots and will he me.i just dont wont to arugue with then and got 10 lak and waited for the plot money.then suddenly my father died now.when i searched for bonds i had got only 30 laks bonds and 2 plots. so i asked my mom about the rest of the amout she said thats it dont ask me anything .my brother is law is at home only not working and he has 3 kids and all the cost was done by my fathere. now my mother wants to share the property with my sister.we are having 1.5 acre of agricultural land with small house inside the land and 3 plots worth 27laks (bought for 20laks )of 5500 sq ft and jewels around 400 gms..on first talk they asked for 3 plots and 30 laks and jewels half for them.and the middle persons said to give 3 plots 20 laks with jewels half to them i agreed in words.but later they fighted for 3 plots and 30 laks and full jewels wil be for daughter only and asked for proof for the amout given by me on singapore and my mother said she will give me the amont with interest when i give the proof.i produced the proof of dd which is given in name of my father and now they are saying its not true .my mother is on my sister side since my brother in law is her brother .so now they are saying 3 plots 10 laks for one person,agricultural land with 10 laks to other person and 10 lak with my mom for her and it will be given half and half after her life time and pension amout around 40k will be with her and she will give to them only .they are not speaking anything about my money. Now my question is if i go legally is it possible to get my money back with interest since i have a proof.and then we can share the rest or what can i do next.please advise