How false case can girl & her family is threatened by police to send them before the bar

My sister is going through very bad marriage so she decided to file case against in women cell of section 498a , but after the council by women cel & adr their case is supposed to go further but he called her asked her to come home because their son & daughter is not well so she went after 5-10 min. He started to abuse her & their children & tell her to take kids with her , after getting back to home she called her counsler & tell what happened she told her to come here & talk to SHO , but when she reached her husband already with false case the she stolen her own stree dhan from the house ... Without any FIR police support him .... I am not getting that girl is already going through all this & police is supporting them next day her family filed that her gold stolen ... But after them her father in law filled case against her that she stolen even after checking of police of her house ... After some days they received a call that her brother in law filled a case against her & her family that they I'll treated them & abuses them so chownki incharge said that we have so much pressure to send you behind the bar . ... So what can be done he has the approach & money so police even his side what to do she is going through trauma