Family Dispute

Hello Sir/Madam Good Evening, I, P. Mahender Reddy from Hyderabad. I was married in the year 29th May 2004 and then born twin sons. I am happily lived together since 10 years. In my home she was quarrled many times she left the home five and six times. We went and settled the issue and she came back to my house. In the year 2016 quarrled with me and left the sisters house. In that place my sons going to home and return 25 kms every day. After 2 months they called give me proposal that you should stay away from my owned house. Because of my wife and my children future sack i have left the home. We lived together Vivekananda nagar for 4 years. After my children 10th class she quarelled with simple reasons. After quarell i left the Vivekananda nagar to Moosapet my owned house. After two months i have sent messages and she convinced she told that you came back Vivekanandanagar. I went to Vivekanandanagar after four days again quarlled sile reasons again i Left my owned house. In the 8th May 2021 left the house and my sons and furniture with her. After 4 months i have sent legal notice first time she refused and second legal notice she have taken and not replied. In meanwhile i have searched for my children and Sunday I went to Vivekanandanagar i have spoken to my sons friends. They give me where my sons is studying i went to the my sons college and spoken to them after I returned she called me while driving and after reaching home i called to mother-in-law and wife they spoken vulgar language and my wife told that don't go to my sons college, You go i will give police complaint and she told that we see court of law. I want to eagerly to my twin children and what i will do please give me suggestion. Kindly do the needful Sir, Yours Sincerely P. Mahender Reddy